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Busy Day As FFs/EMTs Train On SCBAs, EMS, and Pumping

Thursday proved to be a busy day for the EMTs and Firefighters of the Grafton Fire Department. During the morning, a SCBA Air Management class was held for members of the day-time response crew. This class featured a review of our SCBAs and a presentation on ways to avoid hazardous situations.

In the evening, an EKG Interpretation class was held for the EMTs along with their monthly meeting to review EMS operations. In addition to the EMS training, our Drivers gathered to preform maintenance on apparatus and practice pumping. Once maintenance was complete, members who are trained to drive/pump our fire apparatus or are working towards that certification traveled to our training tower and practiced drafting and supplying water. Drafting is a critical skill in supplying water to a fire located in an area without hydrants.

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